Docy Review — The Ultimate Helpdesk Solution

Are you looking for creating a full-featured support center with WordPress for your products or company? Docy could be the smartest solution for you. It is specifically built to provide this kind of service. It provides great value for money and also has powerful features for making documentation.

By the time you’ve finished reading this review, you’ll have a clear concept of why Docy is one of the best choices to create a documentation and knowledge base website.

Who should choose the Docy theme?

Docy resembles an ultimate helpdesk. That makes it suitable for a range of services. For example — If you have 5 products, you can use Docy to create documentation of all of these products.

Docy is equipped with –

  • Dark / Light mode support
  • Very strong searching ability, tree structure for multiple documents
  • An online forum that provides great interactivity
  • Public and Private forum topics
  • Private documentations
  • Unlimited Onepage & Multipage Documentations
  • Multi-language support

All these features make this theme very user-friendly for almost any kind of documentation. This is suitable for –

  • Any kind of online documentation for software.
  • Envato product authors ( ThemeForest, code canyon, etc. )
  • Internet service providers
  • Saas companies to keep a rich knowledge base and interactive forum
  • Companies with electronics products
  • Products that require the latest documentation, editing a.nd updating the knowledge base

Dark and Light Mode switching

Dark mode provides a soothing document for people who wants better readability. Specially for people who are techy in the first place. In a low-light environment, dark mode gives your eyes rest.

Dark Mode switcher on Docy

On the first page load, the toggle will detect the preferred browser color scheme. The selected mode will be saved when you browse the site and won’t be changed until you toggle it. The settings are read automatically from the operating system. If you use the dark color scheme from your OS, it will automatically switch to dark mode.

Efficient Searching option

Unlike the regular search form experience of other WordPress themes, Docy has a great search form. Users will have an amazing experience with the search results. There are three different categories, blog posts, documentation, and the forum in the search results. Visitors can filter the results by the categories at once.

The parent topic and related search results are shown in a tree structure.

Ajax Search results
Ajax search results on Dark mode

The suggestive results appear immediately in a tree structure, as soon as any word is written in the search bar. The tree structure and category selector helps to determine which item to click, to find the actual search result. This is a useful searching feature, built-in Docy theme only.

Also, users can see the detailed search results on a dedicated page. The search form is designed keeping the Google search experience in mind, but knowledge base features are also kept intact.

Search results page

There is a tab bar on top, to filter by All, Docs, Forum, and Blog contents. The breadcrumb ( the link hierarchy ) of the search results is shown just before the title of the article. This enables the users to understand the source of the result, the exact document it is coming from, from its specific category.

One page documentation

Documentation, when kept in different departments, becomes tough for the user to find each and every solution bit by bit. To solve this problem one-page documentation comes to the rescue.

It is a very effective way to demonstrate your product documentation in a handy way. Visitors can find the all guides on a single page and they can navigate through the different sections very fast.

The users will be able to navigate through the documentation of different categories on one page only. This is a very handy way to represent the sets of articles the website contains. It is heavily flexible to show the documents in both multipage and one-page format.

Onepage docuemntation

The layout of the one-page documentation is pretty smart. As the visitor keeps scrolling the document, the topic starts to have a different background color in the topic, which denotes the percentage of the content already read. When the content of the topic is finished, the whole background is filled out and the next topic starts. In this way, the user can understand how much s/he has finished reading.

Advanced Documentation Features

Docy has some amazing tools that will help you build your product documentation interactively and reading friendly. Here are some key features that make the theme better than other knowledgebase themes.

Public, Private, and password-protected docs

The documentation can be provided with a specific level of security, the article can be kept public, which is by default. It can also be kept private / password protected. The user has to give the password to see the article.

Public, Private, and password-protected docs

Conditional Contents

There is a dropdown selector at the top of the right sidebar. This is called conditional content. For example, the same function needs to be implemented using a computer. Depending on the operating system, the keyboard shortcut should change. In Windows OS, the shortcut to copy is

Ctrl + C, in Mac this is ⌘ + C. Different key combinations for the same function. The reader can select the suitable document for him, a matter of 2 clicks only, very very handy. See the demo here.

Font Size Switcher

The major purpose documentation serves, is reading. To increase the readability as well as enhancing the overall reading experience of the user, this theme has font size managing buttons on the right sidebar. The reader can increase or decrease the size of the texts just by clicking A+ or A- right above the table of contents. This enables the user to read the texts easily.

Readers can also print the document. There is a print icon in the right sidebar. The user can click on the button and select the printer parameters, page configuration, etc. As easy as clicking a button. Pretty cool right !!

Table of contents (TOC)

The table of contents will be generated automatically, as the writer of the document gives the title of a paragraph. The title text is arranged on the right sidebar. The sequence is exactly as the document writer has written. The visitor can move to any section of the documentation, just by clicking the title on the table of contents.

Documentation may have different kinds. Depending on the content, the user might need more space to read properly. Keeping that in mind, this theme has implemented a left sidebar toggle button. Clicking the same button hides and shows the left sidebar.

Left sidebar show/hide toggle

This toggle gives the reader an extra space to see the content. This feature is very useful when there is video, image, or these kinds of visual content inside the article.

Doc Filter

A website may have hundreds, even thousands of articles. Depending on the necessity of proper documentation, these articles can be laid out into different categories, under different topics. The reader can find or filter specific articles easily on documentation using the Doc Filter on the left sidebar. When s/he puts a keyword in the filter bar, all related articles will be shown immediately as the user keeps typing the keyword.

Doc Layout

Depending on the kind of layout the admin wants to show the readers, he can choose the layout from the Theme Settings > Doc Settings > Layout.

This flexible layout option of the theme documentation page helps to preset the page layout. From there, the admin can hide the sidebar completely, or set the website to a boxed or full-width layout.

These built-in customization features contribute a lot to the reading experience of the reader.

Software Changelogs

Software folks are well aware of changelogs. It is a record of the changes, fixes, and upgrades made to software over time. These changes are followed by versions. An active community of software developers is always liked by consumers.

Docy provides an exceptional way of keeping the changelogs. Whether you are upgrading software or any other physical product, these changelogs come in handy. You can attach files along with the changelog versions as well. See the Demo Here.

The different versions of the changelogs are automatically put as a table of contents on the right sidebar. Different colors for the changelog items can be set. In this way, the user will be presented with an easy-to-understand changelog.

Sign in / Sign up pages

Sometimes, the developers want a sign-in / sign-up page keeping the design consistent with the theme. Also, the website might be hosted on an intranet. In these scenarios, the admin is open to use the sign-in and sign-up pages of the theme.

Informative Preloader

Loading screen on web pages is boring. Unlike other themes, docy has come up with an amazing preloader. This idea has changed how the users interact with the website when the preloader is showing. We named it ‘Informative preloader’. The reason behind it is, the preloader indeed provides random and dynamic information while loading.

This nice and feature-rich preloader has a circle spinner with a logo. The logo will do your branding at the first look. Then a title and paragraph text appear. The paragraph text is a random text that changing on every loading state of a page.

These texts can be added from the theme options panel.

The text and the logos, their colors, even the specific pages where the preloader will be shown are all customizable. The random texts under the preloader text can be edited from the theme options page. Here the admin will be able to put as many sentences as he can write. Every time, a random text from these texts will be shown.

Multiple Search Banner variations

Searching is an inevitable feature of the helpdesk. As the world is growing in terms of technology, users have countless requirements for choices. However, Docy has multiple banners the user can choose from.

In the theme options, Docy has two different search banners, one for round shape designs, the other is for square designs. Here primarily one is kept white and the other is kept dark. However, the admin can obviously customize the search bar as s/he wants to. The search background color, image, position, etc. can be customized from the theme options.

Fully Customizable

Users love themes for various reasons. Customization is the inevitable benefit they will always mention. Docy theme is fully customizable. Most of the things that the user might need from a helpdesk theme, docy has everything built-in.

Docy theme has customization options in the following ways –

  • Advanced Theme Settings page and customizer options
  • Page options for every single page
  • Forum Customization Options
  • Documentation Customization Options

The global Theme Settings in the Docy theme offer all the global settings available in the theme. Everything is organized in one place, under specific sections > Items > Settings. These same settings are reflected in the customizer section of the theme. Anything the admin chooses from these options will be applied globally.

Page Options, on the other hand, provides customizability for specific pages. If the change is made on one page of the theme, the change will be reflected on that page only. The other pages will remain as it was before. The other settings will be inherited from the theme options.

The banner images, background color, header type, etc. can be changed from the page options. It also provides customizability for header, page, call to action button, and footer.

Forum Customization Options

In Docy theme, bbpress is used as the base forum. An extra plugin named ‘Smart bbpress n verify’ has been integrated. This plugin verifies the status of the forum users in terms of envato marketplace purchases. A customer verifies himself using the Envato purchase code only.

WP Dashboard > Theme Settings, the forum section contains necessary global settings. These settings are convenient to customize the forum. The next option contains settings about the forum archive. The number of previous forums and archive section visibility settings are available in that section.

Documentation Customization Options

Documentation is considered to be the major part of this theme. As a result, customizing documentation is also the most important here. Docy has comprehensive settings targeting documentation.

The theme options panel accommodates 6 dedicated sections for this purpose. Starting with the ‘slug’ of the document, touching search banner, sidebar, layout, feedback area, all the way through related and recent docs.

Search Banner

Admins have the ability to choose, whether they want to show a dropdown menu. This dropdown menu selects the kind of documentation the visitor can search. Besides, the most common keywords could be added just below the search bar. This is a great leap to help the users find easily what they need.

Right Sidebar

A sidebar provides useful information about a website. It might contain a search bar, the latest posts/forums, or whatever helps the visitors. Keeping pace with that, Docy theme has an interactive sidebar, containing conditional contents, a table of contents etc. However, if the document creator doesn’t need these features, it lies in his power to edit or hide those things, right from the sidebar settings. Also, the Right Sidebar area is widget-ready. You can place any widget there.


Both full width and boxed layout of the document is available in Docy theme. Even, the sidebar on the right side could be hidden completely.

Feedback Area

What if the consumers are not satisfied with the documentation? What if they need more help? In that case, the author of the website might require showing some messages on the footer of the document. Ask them if they need more help. Give them any link or email address to move forward. The feedback area settings contain these options.

Related & recent docs.

Often, due to a knowledge gap about any topic, a new visitor finds the latest documents unclear. Skimming through older documentation fills in the missing gaps. To help this situation, Docy has related docs built-in. Settings of these related docs, their numbers, whether to show recently visited docs are manageable in ‘related & recent docs’ settings.

Fully responsive: Desktop, tablet, or mobile

A wide range of devices is available now on the market. To enhance the user experience, the theme is made responsive for all devices. Starting from very widescreen monitors to tiny mobile phones. Docy theme supports its contents on every kind of device. The website fits itself for every screen size automatically.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders out there. People love this because its free version provides lots of customizability. Docy theme is fully Elementor compatible. Not only that, many internal custom widgets inside the theme have been created using Elementor.

Of the Envato Author, By the Envato Author, For the Envato Author

Envato authors can provide support for customers using Docy. For your Envato products, it is essential to know whether a person who asks for support bought the product. Docy theme has integrated Envato API. Only one step is to write the purchase code once on the website, that user will be verified under that purchase. As soon as the support time limit from Envato is finished, the verified license expires automatically.

Docy theme uses the ‘Smart bbPress nVerify’ plugin for this purpose, which costs $40 for buying normally. This plugin comes free with Docy. Saved $40.

GDPR and Privacy Support

In May 2018, European Union enforced GDPR compliance. Since then, this has been quite a concern of users around the world. Docy has got this covered.

This includes full customization of the ‘privacy bar’ as well. The description, button text, color, padding, etc.

Support and Documentation

In the world of technology, it is often necessary to get support. Be it a beginner who is just starting, or an expert who is stuck somewhere. To help people find the solutions, Docy authorities have set up a support system. The fun fact is, their support system is created with Docy itself.

Besides, Docy has well-spread documentation. This documentation will help you walk through the whole theme.


Premium Plugins Integrated

A great benefit from WordPress is, there are tons of contributors around the world. They create plugins that contribute a lot to personal, business, and community websites. In addition, those plugins are most often premium.

For example, ACF ( Advanced Custom Fields ). The pricing starts from $49. Well, guess what!! On the other hand, ‘Smart bbPress nVerify’, a $40 paid plugin, which is used for verifying the purchase status of the customers.

Both these plugins are integrated with the docy theme. Both of those plugins are updated on a regular basis for the customers.

Other features

Softwares keep updating every day. The developers must update their codes too, to keep pace with the changing trends. Docy developers are very good in this scenario. The theme is Gutenberg ready. Gutenberg is the latest editor built by WordPress itself. So, this theme is compatible with the state of the art technology.

Demos are often interesting. The author of the theme creates beautiful-looking pages and showcases that to the users. To import those demos, one click demo import plugin has been integrated. Any page in the demo can be pulled to the user’s server with only one click.

To enable multilanguage features, the theme was designed to be WPML compatible. With WPML, you can translate pages, posts, custom post types, taxonomy, menus, and even the theme’s texts. That means, whatever you put your hands on, you can translate those using WPML. Even dynamic texts, whose input is given by the users, are translatable. The theme has these features built-in.

Final thoughts

We have discussed this one theme for so long. Personally, I believe it is enough for a person to lose himself in the jungle of words. Well, don’t worry. I will summarize everything I have said in a few words. Here is what I love in Docy –

  • Useful dark mode and white mode system
  • State of the art searching system, actually, unique in the industry
  • One page documentation, everything in one place
  • Advance documentation, password-protected docs.
  • Great readability, font size switcher, auto-generated table of contents, print button
  • The left sidebar toggle provides more space for the content.
  • Doc filter by keywords.
  • Doc layouts
  • Software changelog, colorful changelog timeline
  • Custom sign-in, sign-up pages.
  • Informative preloader, highly customizable.
  • Search banner variation
  • Highly customizable
  • Fully responsive for all devices.
  • Elementor page builder integrated.
  • Envato API integrated with BBpress forum
  • GDPR and Privacy support
  • Theme support and documentation
  • Premium plugins for free
  • WordPress 5.x compatible, one-click demo import, WPML compatible
  • Very cheap compared to the features it provides.

Therefore, I think, if you are looking for a documentation, knowledge base, or helpdesk theme. Docy will be a choice that you will never regret.


The features of this theme know no end right! And yet, the developers are editing, fixing, and upgrading the theme every day. So how much should this theme cost? Unbelievably, the theme costs only $69. No recurring payment. Pay only one time and get updates for the lifetime.

Astonishing right? Even though it sounds like fiction, it is a fact indeed. So what are you waiting for?

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